Aquaion 360 is a premium residential cleaning company that first takes great pleasure in solving your problems. We offer our clients the best customer care and service in the business. Aquaion 360 provides cleaning without chemicals using safe, natural and effective Super Oxygenated Ozone Water. Our technicians make a conscious effort to address all of your needs while making sure your property is well taken care of and maintained.

We use a much more unique cleaning process. It starts with a Patented Technology that transforms regular tap water into the world's most effective chemical free cleaner. The extra oxygen helps the ozone water break up dirt and get your carpets cleaner longer, Non-Residue to later attract more dirt. In addition, Aquaion 360 has a unique heating system that can reach temperatures of 240 degrees and above that can be used on most fibers which helps clean and sanitize.

Our Super Oxygenated Ozone Water eliminates dirt, germs and most stains. This is a multi-surface and fabric cleaner that allows us to clean your home and not leave any residue behind. Our process allows areas of your home to stay cleaner longer. We also believe in having the best equipment and cleaning processes for our customers and their families. You can always expect premium care experiences with Aquaion 360, your premium residential cleaning company.  

                        SUPERSONIC DRY-TIME!!!


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We specialize in Carpet Cleaning using an Oxygenated Ozone Water procedure. This results in a Green Steam Cleaning that is far more Effective in Treatments for Cleaning Pet hair and urine smells. We also offer Upholstery Stain Removal, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Drape and Mattress Cleaning.

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