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Carpet Cleaning with Vinegar

There are many ways of cleaning stains that just got onto your favorite carpet. However, stains tend to set fast, so it’s important to get them out quickly before they set into the fibers of your carpet. In such an instance, a DIY solution that can be put together quickly comes in handy. In this article, we show you a few methods for carpet cleaning with vinegar.

Vinegar is a common household ingredient that is made of water and acetic acid. It is a versatile and natural cleaning agent that is very effective at softening fabrics, eliminating odors, killing germs and removing stains. What makes vinegar the perfect carpet cleaning solution is that it is an eco-friendly product that you can use safely around small children and pets. With vinegar, you will get your carpet back to bright and clean like they were when new. Follow the following tips to get stains out of your carpet with vinegar.

Carpet Cleaning with Vinegar

Just like with any commercial cleaner, you need to test effectiveness and reactions on a small hidden part of the carpet. Get your paper towels and moisten them with a little bit of vinegar and apply to the spot on the carpet you want to test. Check for any significant changes in the texture or color of the carpet, If the carpet holds out fine, go on with the stain removal process.

Stain Removal

Vinegar is an effective solution for removing anything, from muddy footprints to pet messes, and food and wine stains. Nonetheless, you have to get to the stain before it sets and becomes impossible to remove. Here is how to remove spot stains from your carpet.

Pour a quarter cup of water into a spray bottle and mix it with a quarter cup of vinegar for the spot cleaning solution. Use an old toothbrush or soft brush to remove any solid matter from the carpet. Spray the solution onto the stained spot, and using a clean towel blot out the stain while making sure not to spread it onto nearby fibers. Repeat the blotting action and apply more vinegar until you get out all of the stains, and the stained spot looks similar to the rest of the carpet. Vacuum the spot and let it dry out.

Steam Cleaning Rugs with Vinegar

Vinegar makes for an inexpensive alternative to steam cleaning solutions. Moreover, vinegar is made of natural ingredients and will not be as harsh on the carpet fibers as compared to retail cleaners.

Using manufacturer instructions for using the steam cleaner, fill the steam cleaner’s tank with a vinegar solution in place of the commercial steam cleaning solution. If the instructions say to use hot water, heat up your vinegar solution to the recommended temperature. Use the same amount of vinegar solution that is recommended by the manufacturer for a cleanser steaming operation.


Vinegar has a very strong smell, and the room will have a very strong smell during the carpet cleaning process. To get rid of the strong odor pour two cups of warm water into the spray bottle, add a teaspoon of baking soda, and a tablespoon of vinegar and shake vigorously. Once the mixture settles down and has no bubbles, lightly spray the liquid onto the carpet, particularly the spots that have just been cleaned. Allow the carpet to dry and the strong odor will dissipate.


Carpet cleaning with vinegar is very effective, given that it is eco-friendly, and it does not destroy or discolor the carpet fibers. Moreover, it is also budget friendly and can be used around pets and children. Whether you need help tackling stubborn stains, or your carpet is in need of a deep cleaning, at Aquaion 360, our team of professionals can help revive your carpet, and remove signs of damage.

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