Carpet Cleaning

3 Rooms and 1 Staircase for $129

5 Rooms for $179

Allow Aquaion 360 to turn your Beautiful Home around by addressing your cleaning needs!!!

Who we are:

Aquaion 360 is a premium residential cleaning company that first takes great pleasure in solving your problems. We offer our clients the best customer care and service in the business. Aquaion 360 provides cleaning without chemicals using safe, natural and effective Super Oxygenated Ozone Water. Our technicians make a conscious effort to address all of your needs while making sure your property is well taken care of and maintained.

Tile/Grout cleaning for $1.00 sq.ft.

"Aquaion 360 was a very professional and thorough service and I would recommend this company to anyone." Duluth, GA

"My carpet was in awful shape but I thought I would try getting it cleaned before I gave up and got new flooring. I was pleasantly shocked and amazed how clean it is with just water being used, no chemicals.  It looks new again.  My tech did a fantastic job, I highly recommend!" Buford, GA

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We specialize in Carpet Cleaning using an Oxygenated Ozone Water procedure. This results in a Green Steam Cleaning that is far more Effective in Treatments for Cleaning Pet hair and urine smells. We also offer Upholstery Stain Removal, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Drape and Mattress Cleaning.

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- Upholstery Stain Removal

- Pet Treatments

- Drape Cleaning

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